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About the Ndola Nutrition Organization

Ndola Nutrition Organization (NNO) is the leading humanitarian organizations dedicated to fighting poverty, HIV/AIDS, food insecurity, clean water deficiency and social injustice in Zambia. The organisation place special emphasis on investing in children, women and girls because our field of experience shows that their empowerment benefits whole communities.

Our more than 24 years of community-based interventions show that when you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Since inception; NNO has worked in 21 Zambian communities of Ndola and Luanshya Districts to reach more than 23,900 pregnant women, 22,100 infants, 9,800 malnourished children, 35,900 vulnerable households and slightly over 210,800 indirect beneficiaries with 21 lifesaving and poverty-fighting programs, including maternal and child health, Prevention of Mother to Child transmission of HIV and Early Infant Diagnosis, food and clean water, livelihoods skills and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and more.

Our Mission

To become agent of change that enhances the well-being of the vulnerable and marginalized people by working with them to improve their nutrition and health status.

Our Vision

A society where the vulnerable and marginalized people have access to adequate nutrition, health and well-being.

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